Muse-ings 2013: Lightbulb Angel and Gas-Pump Lady go on tour with Charles the Robot and Muse

The 2nd Law tour that turned into the Unsustainable tour around Europe. [Was there any irony in that? Didn't hear rumblings but then when you're in a stadium with over 60,000 people plus what do you expect to hear? Very happy, enthusiastic fans]. A highlight was definitely Rome where we shot the soon to be released DVD. Check out the trailer here.

Loved being on the road. The team were great (thanks crew, Cirque Bijou & The Dream Engine) and you might have seen that there were a few awards handed out at the 2013 Live Music Awards recently: Cato Music won Tour Manager of the Year and Muse won Spectacle of the Year. Hoorah! Good luck to the boys when they go Down Under. Wish I could be there. Russia next :)

And then one of the fans got a tattoo...Immortalised (at least for the span of her life):