Palazzo Dinner Cabaret Show: Vienna 2018/19

Glanz & Gloria [2018/19]

Until March 10, 2019

 Directed by the fabulous 

Verena Schmidt & Aitor Basauri

Choreographed by Robyn Simpson

This is one of my favourite shows to have worked on. It's about the eighth show I've choreographed with Palazzo since 2011 and we have a great team of people involved: including brilliant artists, superb lighting design (Marcel) and wonderful music (Holger) and costumes (Elke)...

All the pieces came together to create a magical, fun show alongside award-winning chef Tony Mörwald's delectable dinner! 

~If you're in Vienna, this is a 'must see'.

Four months in Russia...four Ceremonies

Magic moments overshadow jaw-dropping challenges to show once again it's all about the people...

Lots of training: yoga, conditioning, dance (even some bollywood!), pilates, you name it..
Testing started for us in a tiny but lovely circus training space in Hove. The team moved onto Krasnador where we first started working with the men, women and girls who would perform in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Sochi.
All in preparation for the biggest show on earth:

Paralympic Opening from the Mirror newspaper UK

Falling and Flying: Mocap with fashion designer Anna-Nicole Ziesche

Flying and Falling...

In 2010 Robyn and Anna-Nicole collaborated on a project to create a flying and falling loop. Using motion capture (with thanks to Centroid) we created the film: Watch the mocap dancer:

The fear of falling which choreographer Kitsou Dubois states 'is ingrained in the memory of the body' and the simultaneously commonly shared dream of being able to fly led me to the idea that the distinction between the two terms 'falling' and 'flying' can be so small that the two (usually opposite) movements or feelings become the same.
'Falling' and 'flying' are usually opposites in that 'falling' is a rapid downward movement without control (a risk, violent etc) whereas 'flying' is a movement through the air under control (exhilarating, romantic etc). The project researches how contemporary dance might represent and/or connect the contrasting movements 'falling' and 'flying' in a (digital) motion capture video.
Anna-Nicole Ziesche works as a Visual Artist, a BA Fashion Lecturer at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts and Research Fellow: Design for Performance at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London.

You can see the 'making of' at:
(and enjoy the not-so-attractive mocap suit :)

Muse-ings 2013: Lightbulb Angel and Gas-Pump Lady go on tour with Charles the Robot and Muse

Muse Tours

The 2nd Law tour that turned into the Unsustainable tour around Europe. 

Aerial Choreography by Robyn Simpson

Didn't hear rumblings about the name change, but then when you're in a stadium with 60,000 - 80,000 people all screaming or singing - at a rock concert what do you expect to hear? Just very happy, enthusiastic fans. A highlight (no pun intended) ? Definitely Rome. It was where we shot the 4D DVD and we used about six times the confetti cannons. Check out the trailer here.

Loved being on the road. The team were great (thanks crew, Cirque Bijou and The Dream Engine), and we had Charles the Robot for company! And you might have seen that there were a few awards handed out at the 2013 Live Music Awards: Cato Music won Tour Manager of the Year and Muse won Spectacle of the Year. Hoorah! Good luck to the boys when they go Down Under. Wish I could be there. Russia next :)

And then one of the fans got a tattoo...Immortalised (at least for the span of her life):