Falling and Flying: Mocap with fashion designer Anna-Nicole Ziesche

Flying and Falling...

In 2010 Robyn and Anna-Nicole collaborated on a project to create a flying and falling loop. Using motion capture (with thanks to Centroid) we created the film: Watch the mocap dancer: http://vimeo.com/14163685

The fear of falling which choreographer Kitsou Dubois states 'is ingrained in the memory of the body' and the simultaneously commonly shared dream of being able to fly led me to the idea that the distinction between the two terms 'falling' and 'flying' can be so small that the two (usually opposite) movements or feelings become the same.
'Falling' and 'flying' are usually opposites in that 'falling' is a rapid downward movement without control (a risk, violent etc) whereas 'flying' is a movement through the air under control (exhilarating, romantic etc). The project researches how contemporary dance might represent and/or connect the contrasting movements 'falling' and 'flying' in a (digital) motion capture video.
Anna-Nicole Ziesche works as a Visual Artist, a BA Fashion Lecturer at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts and Research Fellow: Design for Performance at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London.

You can see the 'making of' at: http://www.anna-nicoleziesche.com/otherworks/falling/video/index.html
(and enjoy the not-so-attractive mocap suit :)